KARALI Philosophy

KARALI - from Belarusian means Necklace - a valuable chain put on the neck. This decoration is one of the most ancient ones: in far Morocco there was shell necklace found of 82 thousand years old.

Beloved toy for kids, distinctive adornment, mysterious amulet, beads for those in search for meaning and balance…

Yours KARALI is only for you!

Every person uses soap from 3 to 7 times a day – in total it is 3-15 daily minutes. We wanted that hand washing and showering becomes a pleasurable experience for you. Live these minutes in harmony thanks to our soap!

KARALI soap is a pleasure to use, to touch, to smell, and to look at

We wanted to make a perfect soap. We developed a special brand and a Belarusian story for each soap type. Each soap type has an exclusive formula of ingredients, unique scent and color, as well as a perfect look and distinctive packaging. We were diligently selecting soap ingredients and scents, tried various soap shapes and colors so that you finally get a product you will fell in love forever. As a result, KARALI soap is a real luxury, a decoration for the best bathroom, noble present for a dear person.

KARALI soap is a handmade natural product beneficial for your skin

KARALI soap is handcrafted in small lots from high-quality ingredients. Our soap is made exclusively from natural vegetable butters and oils. No petrochemical or animal fats, no preservatives, sodium lauryl- and laureth- sulfates, sulfonates or other synthetic detergents. Only vegetable ingredients that make KARALI soap exclusively beneficial for skin of yours and your beloved ones. Just after the first hand washing with our soap, you will feel your skin remains very soft and smooth, like after cream use.

KARALI soap is an entirely Belarusian brand which is created and launched by Belarusians

We wanted to create a product you could be proud of. So that, in response to the question 'What high quality authentic products are there in Belarus?' – you could easily name KARALI soap. Each KARALI soap type has a name and history reflecting a remarkable concept in Belarusian culture. KARALI is the soap with meaning that speaks for the one who uses it.

KARALI is the soap that beautifies your life.